The Frags is hosting the second icon_ql Quake Live duel cup, initiated by their subscriber Igor, who really likes icon_q3a Quake 3 Arena and icon_ql Quake Live. It starts on Saturday, 15:00 UTC, 14 Mar 2020. It will have player seeding based on the results of the previous cup and with the help from Cyber.

Prize Pool: 40,000 Roubles / ~€578.00
Donations: If you would like to donate, make sure to indicate that your donation is for the cup. The winners will get their prize money during the week.
Map-pool: Aerowalk, Battleforged, Cure, Furious heights, Sinister, Toxicity, TBA*.

* The last map will be decided by the poll in group, and it will be announced in a week before the start.

  • Double elimination.
  • Upper bracket matches will be played BO1, and will switch to BO3 starting from the quarter finals.
  • All lower bracket matches will be played BO1 except lower bracket final, which will be BO3.
  • In the grand-final, the player from upper bracket have to win one BO3 match, player from lower bracket will have to win two BO3 matches.
  • BO1 matches: remove the maps until the one map remains (cointoss will decide who removes first).
  • BO3 matches: remove-remove-pick-pick-remove-remove (cointoss will decide who removes first).

    Links: icon_challonge Sign-up, icon_discord 125 FPS Discord (to find your opponent), Original Announcement