One Game Agency announced the first Quake Champions Invitational tournament for 2019. After the grandly held TDM 2v2 tournament last year, this time there will be a Duel Tournament with 1,500 USD prize pool.

The event will be held on February 16 and February 17, with four matches played per day. Just like the last time, tournament will be invitational-only and participants have already been choosen. One of the winners from last year's cup, toxjq, will try to take his second win in OGA Tournaments. The other famous players include: Cooller, RAISY, Av3k, vengeur, cYpheR, Xron and k1llsen. The tournament will utilize a Single Elimination Bracket with all matches being played in best-of-five format.

All matches will be cast by Jehar and zoot.

Update: Av3k will be replaced by serious.

When: 16th February 2019 - 17th February 2019
Tournament Format: Single Elimination Bracket, BO5

  • Cooller
  • cYpheR
  • k1llsen
  • serious
  • toxjq
  • vengeur
  • Xron
icon_cup_gold 750 USD
icon_cup_silver 360 USD
icon_cup_bronze 250 USD
4th - 140 USD