Yesterday was a fun saturday with a lot of South American duel, when the second community duel cup arrived. In this occasion, the runner-up for the first edition, the argentinian Maximiliano 'maxter' González, took the first place defeating with 2 maps to 0, to the uruguayan Camilo 'rubbun' Suarez, who made his trip to the final from the lower brackets, defeating in an agonizing match to the chilean Bross (also known as effting) by 3:2.

The South American scene keeps growing step by step, that the organization is going to develop a 2v2 cup in two weeks, in attempt to show the skill from these players, now in a team tourney, showing how they can work as a couple.

icon_cup_gold maxter
icon_cup_silver rubbun
icon_cup_bronze bross
4. ircwzd
5-6. pokel1nk
twitch preview

Links: icon_discord South American discord