Bethesda announced a new update for Quake Champions. The servers went down for maintenance at 12:00 UTC, 02 Aug 2018 for deploying a new patch, which will include a new Champion: Death Knight, new vanity weapons: Redeemer & the limited-edition QuakeCon Heavy Machine Gun, Esports Showdown Bundle, the ability to select multiple playlists, Bots available in Custom Game and additional performance polish.

New Champion

A new Champion rises from the fire to slake his unending desire for carnage! Available to play today, Death Knight will be a familiar face to Quake fans, as this armor-clad enemy sought to stop Ranger from defeating Shub-Ngurath with his fireball-spewing sword. The massive energies released by the Outer God’s defeat launched them both into the Dreamlands, and now Death Knight stalks him—and anyone else who crosses his path!
  • Medium Champion
    • 100 HP, 50/100 AP
  • Active Ability: Flame Strike
    • Summon a spread-fire of 3 fireballs from the swing of your sword that leave a trail of fire in their wake and engulf your enemies in flames
  • Passives: Charring & Forged Skin
    • Death Knight can catch opponents on fire with his flaming gauntlet and is resistant to fire & lava
  • Note: Death Knight will not be allowed as a playable Champion in the upcoming QuakeCon Open tournaments.

New Vanity Weapon: Redeemer

  • The Quake 4 Redeemer Gauntlet.


Limited Edition Vanity Weapon: QuakeCon 2018 Heavy Machinegun

  • Available only during QuakeCon 2018, login any time during the event from August 9-12 to receive this exclusive HMG skin!

eSports Showdown Bundle

Support Quake Esports with the Showdown Bundle! Available for a limited time, and comes with Quake 4 Redeemer Gauntlet, 200 Platinum, 2 Reliquaries, and 7 Day XP boost. Allows unlimited purchases!


  • Players can now multiselect individual Quick Play modes in Play Now
  • New TDM vs Bots playlist added
  • Bots are now available in Custom Game
  • New Music Added, preview of Andrew Hulshult’s soundtrack - full details here
  • Updated the Direction Hints to include a crouch indicator
  • Added an option to hide the Summary Stats from the HUD
  • Added options for Rewards Medals, so players can hide the Reward Medal from the HUD and only hear the Medal VO, or disable the Reward Medals UI & VO entirely
  • Added an option to hide the Frag Message from the HUD
  • Added an option to hide the Hit Markers from around the crosshair
  • Added a Zoom Sensitivity option to adjust your mouse sensitivity while zoomed-in
  • Re-added support for HRTF Audio
  • Players can now hit ESC during the Battle Report’s medal reward sequence to skip to the Summary and Scoreboard
  • Added Heatmaps to

Fixes & Updates

  • Basic Training updated with additional UI & polish
  • Fixed an issue where player could wind up in floor geometry
  • All doors now close behind players as they proceed
  • Fixed an issue where small Health and Armor markers were using the Soul Icon in the Bot Area
  • Players are no longer required to complete their Starting Challenges before graduating from bots to human opponents
  • Fixed an issue where the X-ray colors for players with red/ blue outlines weren't functioning as intended
  • Fixed an issue when switching to a player in active ability, spectator could hear repeating audio
  • Fixed an issue for when in free-cam, nicknames in the death-log did not have proper color coding
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectators could see red shaders on a champ during their spawn animation
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators didn’t see HP/AP above enemies when switching off X-ray
  • Fixed various map issues where free cam would allow spectator through geometry
  • Fixed an issue on warmup where spectator may not see icons of picked champions
  • Fixed an issue where quickly changing cam mode and players before ending a match could sometimes show a champion from the death screen on the podium
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectator camera could become locked in any of the Auto Follow modes without notification that it was locked into that mode
  • Fixed an issue where Spectator could select Auto Follow Modes that didn't apply to the match
  • Fixed an issue where Auto follow killer mode for spectator presented a big delay after a kill
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators might see shifted effect on DOOM SLAYER's fists during Activie Ability BERSERK
  • Fixed an issue In Instagib mode, where the 'toggle spectator' hint is not opened
  • Fixed an issue in Custom game where the Spectator wasn't offered to reconnect in a closed session
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul POI (Point of Interest) remained above the heads of every user who held the Soul while using the Soul Auto Follow option
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Follow modes did not function properly
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed an issue where User may end up with a greyed out Play button and lose the ability to matchmake
  • Fixed an issue for hang-ups on servers
  • Fixed an issue where Players were unable to move or fire at the beginning of matches
  • Added general localization polish
  • Fixed various issues where bots would get stuck on geometry
  • Reduced the size of the player hitbox that bots target, reducing their weapon accuracy and granting us more control over their weapon handling mechanics
  • Combat behavior improvements
  • Fixed an issue where a Memory Leak would occur if minimizing the game before the opening cinematic would play
  • Fixed an issue where the Confirmation window flashed when changing settings while on Player Profile screen
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Game and Controls tabs in the Settings menu didn’t work consistently
  • Fixed an issue where Clutch's Mining Laser length was visibly shorter than its actual range in third person
  • Fixed an issue for Awoken where Shadows could show up as very dark throughout the map
  • Fixed an issue for Awoken where Pre-match podium screen displayed wrong Elder God icon
  • Players should no longer be able to redeem an in-use nickname, losing the rename token in the process
  • Fixed an issue where Shooting enemies directly at maximum range with the Tri-Bolt could cause additional splash damage to occur after all direct hits
  • Fixed an issue for Sacrifice where it could take 7 seconds to steal the soul from a captured obelisk instead of 3
  • Fixed an issue where Kill cam would not show for the players first death of the match

Source: Bethesda