It has been over six months since the last North American Duel Cup, but we will finally start running more cups again this 23:00 UTC, 31 Jan 2016. Many players and icon_ql Quake fans have been requesting another round of NA Duel Cups so let me first apologize that you had to wait. The frequency and number of future cups remains uncertain, but 2016 still promises to bring more tournaments for North America. Thank you for Quaking!

The icon_challonge sign-up page will become available a few hours before the event starts.

Double Elimination
  • WB semi, WB final, and LB final are BO3. All other WB and LB matches are BO1
  • Grand Final is a BO3. The player from the LB must win two consecutive BO3 to win the cup
Map Selection
  • Coin-toss winner gets to choose if they drop first or second.
  • BO1: drop, drop, drop, drop, final map is played
  • BO3: drop, drop, pick, pick, final map is tie breaker
Lost World
icon_cup_gold $100.00 USD icon_cup_silver $40.00 USD icon_cup_bronze $10.00 USD
The NA Duel Cup prize pools are made possible by community donations.

Stream: icon_twitch FlairTV
Links: icon_irc #duelcup, icon_steam Steam Group, icon_challonge Challonge