It's been over 6 months since the last elite level Quake Champions LAN tournament has played and prayers have finally been answered in Dreamhack Tours, the first stop in 2018 QC Saga. Attending are such names as DaHanG, Xron and astroboy who will join a superstar roster of Quake players and have co-incidentally spoken to us about next weekend in France. We sat down with the players to breakdown what competing at the top level has been like thus far and how they feel competing in the new priority team mode 2vs2 TDM. We have also gone to the effort of putting up some Points betting for this event to spice up the competition.

Looking back to the Quake Live days, grinding the game out to stay at the top, traveling overseas for events with much smaller prize pools (than what we see today in QC). Was there ever a point in your life that you considered hanging up the mouse and keyboard for good? What drove you to keep playing?

I was pretty much ready to quit playing since around 2012 when I pursued my MBA, but I would always come back to practice for QuakeCon. Then a few more years later I figured I would be done with Quake, and Overwatch would be my last run in esports... readmore
As it has been announced Sacrifice will be discontinued on the esports circuit, now replaced by 2v2 Team Deathmatch, can you please share with us your thoughts on this mode in general and is there any changes you would be interested to see to this mode?

2v2 seems fun for now and more enjoyable to play than duel. Still any 4v4 mode I would prefer more, because its simply more fun to play as a team, combine abilities and so on. I would like to see changes to health respawn system in 2v2... readmore
To start off with Dan reflecting back on the year just past, after now securing payout placings at both QuakeCon and DreamHack, what was it like to take home a pot of $18,000+ USD and did you ever think you would be competing for this much money?

I am really happy with my results to get payout places at both events finishing within the top 16 and top 8 at the tournaments gives me a sense of achievement but also lets me know that there is room for improvement and I hope to do better at the tournaments i attend this year... readmore

Links: Discord, DaHanG, Xron, astroboy