With the recent news that QLstats was going to be taken down (may not be now) I went and installed a local version of QLstats which seams to be running fine and is gathering match stats from my servers.

Only thing that doesn't seems to be working is that it doesn't know the location of servers I have added or the players that play on them.

So if I select AU (my servers are in AU) as the location from the main page up the top it does not show my servers in the top section of the webpage under "Most active servers". If I click on one of my servers in the lower section under "Recent matches" and look at its location it is listed as "unknown". All players that play on my servers are also listed as "unknown" for their location. Anyone know how I get both the servers and players locations recorded?

Other thing I would like to know is the "feeder.log" file is growing quite fast (100mb after only 5 days). Can I just delete this file any time I like or is it needed for something? Is there a way to reduce the amount of information be recorded in the file?

If the main QLstats.net is going to stay up I will continue to use that but I will also leave my own local version gather stats as well just in case.

If anyone can help with my two questions I would be very grateful.