The list of streams that will be covering Round 1 and Round 2 matches for European Elite and Challenger Divisions has been announced on the official Quake Open League icon_discord Discord. Please note, that players might stream their own matches too.


Elite Division
  • English coverage will be provided by Zoot & Jason Kaplan on almighty icon_twitch ZLive channel. Today they will be covering strenx vs. bukster (match page), and Xron vs. pikawa games (match page).
  • Russian coverage will be provided by Polosatiy on icon_twitch Cyberfight Quake channel, they will cover all baSe and agent games.
  • The guys from icon_twitch OpenCyberLeague will be covering Cooller matches.
  • Deliberate Murder will be providing additional Russian coverage on icon_twitch Deliberate Murder.
  • French coverage will be provided by by icon_twitch Marcadet, who will cover Nykho and strenx matches.
Challenger Division
  • icon_twitch Flee & Taka will cover pdemon vs saranagati and waters vs Rell in English.
  • icon_twitch GedG will broadcast ProVest vs VdnL and pecka vs vontru matches.

Links: icon_discord Quake Open League Discord.