Admins of Quake Open League announced groups for Elite and Challenger divisions for the first edition of Quake Open League. The first matches will start on April, 25 for both divisions, tomorrow there will be an announcement about schedule for the first rounds.

Elite Division Europe

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Xron baSe cYpheR RAISY agent Spart1e Cooller k1llsen
serious Nitrino HELL strenx evil Nykho Av3k GaRpY
Sl1p ins inz bukster cnz phaze unde4d Sombra
Pikawa Karwik KillaloT Viskycolla Jox vengeur prox1mo St0n3

Elite Division North America

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
cha1n dramiS dooi phaZon
d3th Thump4 Taskmaster sane
Veske flame AskoldDalin sib_
pie_hero Snipereyes sparks hundredeighty7

Group A: Xhep, L1mp, toyrocket, jaw, Dreidel, Raziel
Group B: Max-Strafe, waters, Rell, Rambutan, STALKERRH, ZooRG
Group C: wizor, jeesuspietari, playok, badUgly, FiZ, mikul
Group D: napalot, ProVest, snthss, default, Lpist, Vadim
Group E: pecka, Myaut, elemen7al, Holdennn, vontru, NegrU
Group F: fredeth, Troolz, kroker, LeeWoo, BigEyeGuy, Reknine
Group G: Eccentric, SoFienE, Jylex, bfg666, dennemann
Group H: pdemon, m1kel, Andeho, tng, EPS, saranagati
Group A: Anth64, LRAD, Slip2405, Zzebby
Group B: Fozzy, Phyn1x, Skrunk, thedvl
Group C: alvy, l w f, ThreeOliveSaint, unkind
Group D: marioqc, GirlNamedMaggie, IamFortyLions, SmOke
Group E: dyziplen, fr0by, MNKU, Vig1lante
Group F: LipinR, violentheart, ReNeGaDe X, FugazyHeadshot, BPSkibbenheims
Group G: anjirocool, FragmentalStew, Impersonal, OD78891, xBio
Group H: Forte, d7on, eXtwofour, everthus, S4lt&Vin3g4r

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