The Quake Champions TDM #2 will take place on Sunday March 11, 2018. This 2V2 tournament will utilize a double elimination format.

Registration is currently open, and will be closing two hours prior to the tournament starting. To take part you need to go to the icon_discord tournament discord, type "QCT" in the #check-in channel, and register on icon_challonge challonge.

Map Format:
  • Lower Bracket - BO3.
  • Upper Bracket - BO3.
  • Upper Bracket Final - BO3.
  • Upper Bracket Grand Final - BO5.
  • The upper bracket winner will gain a one map advantage in the Grand Final.
Map Selection:
  • BO3 - Ban/Ban/Pick/Pick - remaining map.
  • BO5 - Pick/Pick/Pick/Pick - remaining map.
  • Top seed player chooses the map first.

Links: icon_discord Official Discord Channel, icon_twitch opencyberleague, icon_youtube OCL YouTube