The Quake Champions League #2 will begin on Monday February 26, 2018, spanning three days, ending on Wednesday February 28, 2018. This duel tournament will utilize a double elimination format, with segments of the bracket scheduled across the three days, until the tournament reaches its conclusion on the final day of matches. The final schedule will be released the day before the cup begins, or, Sunday February 25, 2018.

There will be a prize pool of 171 USD, with a breakdown of the funds below.

Registration is currently open, and will be closing two (2) days prior to the tournament starting, on Saturday February 24, 2018. To take part you need to go to the icon_discord tournament discord, type "QCL2" in the #check-in channel, and register on icon_challonge challonge.

icon_cup_gold 103 USD
icon_cup_silver 51 USD
icon_cup_bronze 17 USD
Map Format:
  • Lower Bracket - BO1.
  • Lower Bracket Final - BO3.
  • Upper Bracket - BO1.
  • Upper Bracket Final - BO3.
  • Upper Bracket Grand Final - BO5.
  • The upper bracket winner will gain a one map advantage in the Grand Final.

Map Selection:
  • BO1 - Ban/Ban/Ban/Ban- remaining map.
  • BO3 - Ban/Ban/Pick/Pick - remaining map.
  • BO5 - Pick/Pick/Pick/Pick - remaining map.
  • Top seed player chooses the map first.

Links: icon_discord Official Discord Channel, icon_twitch opencyberleague, icon_youtube OCL YouTube