GameTribe is hosting the Quake Champions Duel Cup #4 on 10th February, 2018 at 16:00 UTC. The brackets are live now and the check in period will start one hour before the cup goes live. You can sign up here at icon_challonge Challonge and join our icon_discord Discord channel.

icon_cup_gold $250
icon_cup_silver $120
icon_cup_bronze $60
4th: $30
  • Blood Covenant
  • Blood Run
  • Corrupted Keep
  • Ruins of Sarnath
  • Vale of Pnath
  • Lower seed will pick first.
  • bo1: drop, drop drop drop, pick.
  • bo3: pick pick, drop drop, pick.
  • bo5: pick pick, pick pick, pick.
Rules for full double elimination as follows:
  • Winner Bracket: bo1 till the Quarter Final, bo3 WB Quater Finals, bo3 WB Semi Finals, B03 WB Final, B05 Grand Final (there will be a 1 map advantage for the Winner Bracket finalist).
  • Lower Bracket: bo1 all matches (including LB Final).

Streams: icon_twitch ZLive, icon_twitch GameTribe, icon_twitch StealmerPlays, icon_twitch nVc
Links: GameTribes, icon_challonge Challonge, icon_discord Discord