Just announced, Australia/New Zealand will be running a qualifier tournament to send two players to compete at PAX Melbourne. The winners of the qualifier will receive free flights and ticket entry for the day to compete at the AMD Booth for a prize split of icon_cup_gold 600 and icon_cup_silver 400 AUD respectively. PAX turn out is always massive here, and we can't wait to have people enjoying a high level AU/NZ Quake Champions match.

Our region also receied two Duel invites and one Sacrifice invite to the upcoming Dreamhack Winter in Sweden. We are set to have all of our Quakecon representatives return and try to qualify for the competition such as Astroboy, Fraze, Python, Steej and ZenAku. We also have fearZZz and nporaMep whom both relocated down our way making an appearance, albeit with an unfair high ping advantage. Other players to watch out for are Dirtbox and Stral who are big from the QuakeWworld and Promode scenes, Chugg who has been putting together slash and aiming tutorials (icon_youtube Link), and a bunch of other streamers such as: Before the patch got rolled out phy1um and I put together an patch recap video (icon_youtube Link). I'll also be trying to push out more contact during PAX like interviews/photos/videos etc. please follow myself on the socials. Lastly, we will also be doing Wager (points betting) again for our AU/NZ Qualifier and the Dreamhack Denver tournament.

October 14
October 15
October 16
06:00 UTC
06:00 UTC
08:00 UTC
DH Winter Duel Qualifier
DH Winter Sacrifice Qualifier
PAX Showcase Qualifier
icon_twitch Quake Champions.
icon_twitch Quake Champions.
icon_twitch 4sgTV with nvc.

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