The ESWC just announced that they will hold a Quake Champions Duel tournament during the upcoming Paris Game Week from the November 1-3, 2017.

This 16 players Quake Champions tourney will be played on November 3, 2017, rewarding the best players with the following prize pool:

icon_cup_gold5, 000 EUR
icon_cup_silver2,500 EUR
icon_cup_bronze1,500 EUR
4th1,000 EUR

Out of the 16 players, four (4) slots are reserved for French players who can apply to this form to enter for a chance of being selected to the main event.

For the 12 remaining slots, four (4) qualifications will be held online. Each of them will have a maximum of 64 players, granting the top three (3) players a slot to the event and a Champions Pack (the winner of each qualification will additionally have the travel and the hotel paid by the organizer). The online qualification date and registration forms are the ones below:
Source:, ESWC Application form