# Disregard clawz and his lightning gun rushes for a moment, because I want to ask: conceptually, could Quake Champions duel evolve into the most defensive form of it yet? In Quake Live, we saw the increased importance of the first spawn and first frag due to the drop in time limit from 15 to 10 minutes. In Quake Champions, we have what is essentially a 3 death limit within a 5 minute time limit, along with sudden death overtime.

I think we will be seeing players go to overtime pretty often, with many intentionally pushing for it. In my opinion this will result in not as many clutch moments, and it also greatly reduces the hype of an overtime game.

The limited deaths could be masked as higher stakes and thus higher thrills, but these higher stakes could cause players to take lesser risks. One could say that there's more rounds now which means more chances, but in my eyes it's just a repeat of the same elements and the round system has broken momentum.

# Increasing the base health and/or armor of some characters could be a way of allowing players a bit more freedom in taking risks and fights, but I think we should wait for the meta to develop further (and maybe even saturate) before making such changes.

# Dodging seems almost non-existent unless you're playing with a smaller, faster character. I miss the unexpected moments when a player could come out on top of a fight by using their dodging to assist their stack disadvantage.

# A few kills were quite anticlimactic. Here's one example. Maybe this is subjective, but at the very least that moment should have been a slightly longer engagement.