This weekend, the Quake World Championship Regional Finals were held for both Europe and North America. The Duel Regional Finals were played online August 5th and Sacrifice Regional Finals were played on LAN on August 6th (Leicester, UK for European Finals and Burbank, CA for American Finals).

After many insanely close matches, 24 players and 8 teams have qualified to test their skills on a world stage. Get ready for the grand finals, live in Dallas at QuakeCon, on 24-27 August.

Please note, that the list of teams/players is subject to change based on visa requirements and restrictions for entrance to the USA.

European Duel Finalists: Xron, cYpheR, av3k, k1llsen, clawz, fazz, agent, noctis, strenx, wichtL, RAISY, Cooller

North American Duel Finalists: chance, DaHanG, tomservo, whaz, carnage, rapha, Vedmedik, dooi, gellehsak, griffin, ScizR, astroboy

European Sacrifice Finalists: 2z ( Latrommi, luminus, clawz, Silencep), NOTOFAST ( noctis, fazz, stermy, tox), The Defendants ( av3k, Krysa, deus, 2GD), myztro ( GaRpY, HELL, Vo0, hypno)

North American Sacrifice Finalists: Team Liquid ( rapha, DaHanG, winz, id_), OnTime ( whaz, psygib, Br1ck, Effortless), Team Johnson ( carnage, clampOK, Necrophag1st, sane), I Totem Teles ( botmode, ckap, sen, theJeffreh)