8 years ago David 'ZenAku' Addati started his journey in Quake Live as a young, talented and exciting player to watch compete. Very quickly ZenAku was keeping up with the veteran players, who followed the series from Quake 3, with his exciting flick rails and impressive timing. Shortly after attending our first LAN tournament in 2010, ZenAku's lifestyle took him away from the game until his return early 2017 with the announcement of Quake Champions beta. Almost immediately ZenAku started putting together tutorial videos for new players in an attempt to help bring in new faces not only to our community but all international communities. Lately, he's also been streaming his games against the other Quakecon BYOC participants from Australia.

ZenAku now makes the 5th player of those going to compete in the Quakecon BYOC representing Australia's best, a long with previously mentioned Astroboy, Fraze, Python and Steej. Interviews and video content of all the players will be coming soon (stay tuned).

We are pleased to be picking up David ‘ZenAku‘ Addati and sending him to QuakeCon 2017! Zenaku is a prominent figure in the ANZ Quake, both as a great player and also a content creator. Providing tutorials, pro level insight, tip and tricks, ZenAku is a valuable member of the Quake community.

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David is one of the most hardworking players we know currently playing Quake Champions in our Australian scene. Constantly putting in the hours, time and research to improve his game. On top of that he is genuinely a nice and humble character that wanted this trip and deserved it rightfully so. I think David has a great attitude and mentality for improvement and has the potential to surprise a lot of players, as well as learn a lot from the experience.

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