GameTribe have announced their first Quake Champions cup, which will hopefully turn into another regular series of tournaments. The double-elimination bracket will take place on 29th July 2017 and has a respectable prize pool of $300 split between top 4.

So far, the tournament has 2 streams confirmed: the icon_twitch official Gametribe stream and icon_twitch Ziggy "nvc" Orzeszek's stream.

Date/time: 15:00 UTC, 29 Jul 2017 (Check-in 1 hour before)

As mentioned above, this tournament will feature a $300 prize pool which is a respectable amount in this early stage of Quake Champions' esports lifespan. The lion's share of this will, of course, be going to first place who will receive $160. A full breakdown of the prize pool can be found below:

icon_cup_gold $160
icon_cup_silver $80
icon_cup_bronze $40
4th. $20

Links: icon_challonge Challonge, icon_discord Discord