The first day of the second ESL European Qualifier for the Quake World Championships has come to the end. Today, 354 players from throughout Europe went head to head for a chance to become one of the 32 players heading to the European QWC Regionals. Following last week’s format, the bracket was held at the top 16. Round 16 will be finished live on the Quake Champions official stream on Sunday, July 9th, the 8 remaining players will advance to the European Regional Finals.

All today's matches have been added to the Plus Forward database, our Duel Rankings have also been updated. VODs for today’s matches will be posted as soon as they are available, so keep an eye out for them.

The following matches will be played this Sunday starting at 10:00 UTC. Don't forget to test your luck in our betting season and spend your Plus Coins, guessing the winners.
  1. tox vs. spart1e
  2. inz_ vs. GaRpY
  3. av3k vs. bukster
  4. HELL vs. stermy
  5. baSe vs. memphis
  6. dem0n vs. Baksteen
  7. wichtL vs. pikawa
  8. RAISY vs. fazz