JLeavey, one of the Community Managers of Quake Champions, announced the patch notes for the upcoming Beta Test starting today, 14:00 UTC, 09 Jun 2017.

  • Fixed an issue where a stutter could occur during a spike in performance

  • Fixed “fragged by” appearing on-screen after a suicide
  • Removed Rocket Launcher balcony in Ruins of Sarnath
  • Fixed Duel start poses in Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath
  • Improved item placement in Duel in Ruins of Sarnath
  • Fixed an issue when a Champion’s vanity item persisted on a scene after their death

  • The health bar will now be colored white if player has less than a half bar remaining
  • Fixed an issue where sliders remained red after interacting with them in the menu
  • Boot up sequence order changed

Champions Balance:
  • Slash's Max AP has been buffed + 25 AP
  • Slash's trail lifetime has been decreased to 3 seconds
  • Slash's active ability duration has been decreased to 2 seconds
  • Galena's Unholy Totem's health has been buffed to 50 HP
  • Clutch's acceleration steps have been reworked to allow him to accelerate faster
  • Visor’s air acceleration has increased (+10%), so he gains speed faster using strafe jumps.
  • Galena's basic speed has been increased up to 300
  • Scalebearer’s passive ability tweaked acceleration steps

  • Fixed random gameplay crash in Sacrifice mode
  • Fixed rare crash when clicking on the Play button

Mouse sensitivity improvements:
  • Mouse acceleration option has been added to Options Screen
  • Mouse sensitivity now closer to Quake Live. Updated range is 1-30.
  • M-filter added in Options Screen

Known Issues:
  • No in-menu notification about completed challenges
  • When sudden death happens in Duel, sudden death text won’t appear in HUD
  • Black doors in Blood Covenant in DM and TDM

Source: Bethesda.net