Hey guys. I have started a small service for quake live duel match making and on demand server hosting.
Give it a try at http://hurtmeplenty.space . It's still juts launching. so I expect some issues(please report them), and not plenty of people in matchmaking queue. Servers are hosted in Amsterdam (good connectivity, you can play from Germany).

It has 2 main functions.
First one is match making - it grabs your glicko stats from qlstats.net . And then puts you into the queue. If there are somebody in the queue already with +- 300 same glilcko - you got a link to the game. Click on it and steam launcher will kick you in game.

The other one is on demand server hosting. You click create server and get a server link. You can then send this link to your friend. When you click on the link - you get into the game.

Servers are deleted on inactivity, and on disconnects.

Feedback would be appreciated - write either here, or on my e-mail.