The overwhelming influx of information regarding Quake Champions does not seem to stop and we're quite happy about that. We're even more happy now as in his most recent interview Tim Willits stated that the players will be pushed towards team modes.

"Historically, most of our Quake games are free-for-all, so you have one winner and 15 losers," explained Willits. "So we definitely want to push people more into teamplay because you have a better chance of winning--a 50-percent chance of winning. And it allows, especially new people, to find a champion they like, be successful, not have the entire weight of the game on their shoulders, and have these successes that build over time so you can feel more comfortable as your skills increase."

It also seems that "Quakerwatch" rumors are still very much alive as Willits reiterated the mantra we've gotten used to by now, stating that: the game is purely skill-based, that the core of the game is unchanged, and that abilities are just a natural evolution of the genre.

One last thing that he mentioned was that that we shouldn't expect a massive amount of champions available, as id Software don't want to focus on the quantity. Instead they will expand the roster when they find a unique ability that "fills a hole".

"Our plan is not to have a massive amount of champions," he explained. "We want to be smart and find some ability or some kind of unique--something special about them--that fills a hole. So I think we'll have a good balance."

Source: GameSpot