This is a new King Of the Hill tournament that will be hosted by dr0_vision for Challenge Promode Arena. This is going to be the first round of many and we will start with the most known and (in)famous map in the Quake community: [map=cpm22 Q3A].

This event will take place on Saturday January 7, 2017 and will be split up into two (2) events: The European event will be begin at 16:00 UTC and the North American event will be begin at 21:00 UTC.

We're hoping to kick off this new year with a bang and we'll start that by finding out who is the King of 22. Following that, the series will continue as we run through the majority of the common tournament map pool and will include maps such as [map=cpm3a Q3A], [map=cpm15 Q3A], [map=cpm24 Q3A], pukka3tourney2, and many more.

Registration: Please join the CPMA Discord Server, and message xerosawyer to add you to the participant list. Check-in will go live 30 minutes before the event starts.

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  • Single Elim.
  • BO1.
  • Standard KOTH – winner moves on.

Links: icon_q3a, icon_discord CPMA Discord
Streams: icon_twitch dr0_vision
Donations: PayPal Link