This season, for the first time, South American countries are going to have their very own competition. With 22 players signed up so far (including a few players from North America), this section looks like it's shaping up to be a lot of fun and will provide solid competition for all involved.

Separate competitions for North America and Australia will also be automatically created if enough people from these respective regions sign up; players should signify their interest by either signing up on the tournament website, or registering their interest with any of the admins.

The European section so far has another big turnout, with 45 players confirmed.

Administrators this season are VVD, praxismo, and 23y. All players should of course approach any one of these with any problems or questions. The best place to catch any one of us will always be on irc in #Thunderdome, but of course if you see any hanging around in the servers, do not be afraid to approach us!

Congratulations again to all those players who reached the top of their respective leagues in season 6. Thanks for participating and helping to keep the competitive scene alive.

The map pool for season 7 will be: aerowalk, bravadob5, dm2, dm4 and ztndm3.

Division 1
1. Rikoll
2. LocKtar
3. speedball
4. locust
Division 2
1. nitemare
2. VVD
4. Rasta
Division 3
1. Danya
2. javve
3. Macisum
4. apokalypze
Division 4
1. Defcon 5
2. baresi
3. Virus
4. meag
Division 5
1. wakecold
2. veRRo
3. vukmir
4. Beat
Division 6
1. Ricaz
2. 23y
3. degrave
4. dsm

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