When I was playing Freeze Tag yesterday QuakeLive crashed. It was about 13 or 14 minutes into the match. I opened QuakeLive again, rejoined the server I was on and got back into the team I was on. A few minutes later the match ended and I saw that 89 glicko was deducted. When I look at the details my time is listed as 17:23 but the damage, thaws, kills and deaths are from when I rejoined. Before QuakeLive crashed I was in a commanding lead and I feel like this is a misrepresentation of the match data. I don't mind losing glicko for a bad performance but I don't think that is the case here. I don't understand exactly how glicko works but I'm assuming I lost 89 because it thinks I was in the match for 17:23 and only did <2k damage. Is there something I can do or are there any plans to change how this works in the future?