As part of the post E3 presentations British newspaper Metro's GameCentral got a chance to sit down with Tim Willits to try and lure out some new information about id Software's new title Quake Champions.

Things mentioned in the interview:
  • The code name of the game was Lovecraft.
  • The theme of the game is heavily influenced by Quake 1 and the Lovecraftian Cthulu/Elder mythos with the gameplay being closer to Quake 3 (with the addition of differentiating champions with abilities).
  • There are passive and active abilities. Active ones are the abilities we saw in the CGI trailer.
  • He hinted at passive abilities being for example different movement systems "So you could pick a character that has some passive abilities, maybe one that’s a little faster".
  • Confirmed no loadouts.
  • Item timers confirmed (but not what kind of implementation, HUD or on the Map).
  • Integrated Matchmaking, league systems and tournaments were mentioned.
  • They have not decided on a monetization plan yet.

Full Interview: