On Saturday 11 July, The FACEIT Road2Quakecon Duel invitational will take place, with cooller, evil, cypher, clawz, fazz, spart1e, toxjq and noctis fighting for $2,500! The players will be placed in two groups, fully played in a best-of-three format. The top two players of each group head into the best-of-five single elimination playoffs.

09:00 UTC - 09:15 UTC: Show starts
09:15 UTC - 12:15 UTC: Group A (BO3)
12:45 UTC - 15:45 UTC: Group B (BO3)
16:30 UTC - 17:30 UTC: Semi Final #1 (BO5)
17:30 UTC - 18:30 UTC: Semi Final #2 (BO5)
18:30 UTC - 19:30 UTC: Grand Final (BO5)
Furious heights
Lost World

The day after will see the four European teams which are heading to QuakeCon competing in TDM, CTF and Duel. Meltdown, iGamerz, Averagers and Deliberate Murder will face off in a single elimination bracket, with the teams first facing off in a best-of-three TDM game, followed by a best-of-three CTF game. The winner of each Best of three mode will gain 1 point. If teams are tied , both teams will select a dueller to determine the winner in a best-of-three Duel. The teams will be playing for a $2,500 prize purse.

09:00 UTC - 09:15 UTC: Show starts
09:15 UTC - 12:30 UTC: Semi Final #1 (BO3 TDM, BO3 CTF, BO3 Duel)
13:00 UTC - 16:15 UTC: Semi Final #2 (BO3 TDM, BO3 CTF, BO3 Duel)
16:45 UTC - 20:00 UTC: Grand Final (BO3 TDM, BO3 CTF, BO3 Duel)
Meltdown: winz, l1nkin, toxjq, zyrinx
iGamerz: cypher, clawz, strenx, silencep
Averagers: noctis, fazz, spart1e, dem0n
Deliberate Murder: latrommi, 421, pavel, cooller
Grim Dungeons
Dreadful place

Japanese Castles
Spider Crossings

icon_cup_gold 1,500$
icon_cup_silver 500$
3-4. 250$

The legendary duo which has brought viewers much FACEIT Quake Live action in the past will return on icon_twitch FACEITTV! Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne will be reunited to bring all the action live, starting both days at 09:00 UTC!

Source: ESReality.com
Links: FACEIT, EGB.com
Stream: icon_twitch FACEITTV