The CPMA Community will be hosting a 2v2 draft cup for Beginners on March 16, 2019 commencing at 16:00 UTC. This event is only open to players that have been classified as beginners, and we are hoping to get players to sign up and get at least 6 teams.

Right now, we will have registration open for only 1 week, and then commence the drafting on March 10, 2019 at 18:00 UTC on icon_twitch Magikarp's stream. Players do not need to attend the drafting stream as players may be busy, the drafting results will of course be notified to the players afterwards. Each team will be formed and be given a default team name, with each team being allowed to change the team name to any preferred(but appropriate) team name.

To register please join the icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, and message @Magikarp#1497 or @neverGreen#3910 for a participant role.

As for coaching, we are also hoping to find enough responsible coaches to assign to each team after the draft to help them out. In the case that we do have enough coaches for each team, it is possible that if on tournament day that both teams in a match have both their coaches, they may be allowed to spectate(as Coach POV) and be able to help their team.

Credits to Duck, Kimi, neverGreen, rarzzz for helping to be in the picture. Thanks to freddiaN for helping with some commands.

Main Information

Date and time: 16:00 UTC, 16 Mar 2019
Check-in: 15:00 UTC, 16 Mar 2019 via Discord in the tournament channel. The admins will manually check-in each team on challonge.
Format: Double Elimination, BO3 Upper Bracket, BO1 Lower Bracket, and BO3 Grand Final.
Map pool: cpm16, cpm25, cpm29.
Admin: Magikarp#1497 & neverGreen#3910

Please check out the bracket in the links below for more cup information and rules(will need to actually add them later :D). This post will be updated over time if needed(with players also be notified of any developments or changes).

Links: icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_cpma CPMA Offical Website, icon_challonge Bracket, icon_twitch Drafting Stream, icon_twitch Tournament Stream