Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing a multi-week event. It will still be relatively short but will depend on interest to play. If interest does not grant a league we will then host a double elimination bracket at the same scheduled time (April, 29, 2017). I think what would be interesting is to maybe attempt to exclude all familiar 2V2 maps? I would like to introduce five new/underplayed/un-played maps, however I suspect this may prove to be bothersome so I'm willing to listen.

Here is what I'm thinking:

Mode: 2V2
Structure: Multi-week League leading to Playoffs.
League Start Time: Apr. 29, 2017
Max Team Size: 3 Players
Region: International with the caveat if enough teams register we do a separate North America / EU & CIS divisions.

I understand a huge issue with leagues and CPMA has been getting players to actually play their games. As such I propose that we have designated game days where games must be played, I would think Saturday, and Sunday as best. If teams can agree to play on any other day, then that would be fine with me. We will do everything we can to encourage players to play games. The most obvious will be the point system which will be something like: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for FF/no-show.

Proposed Map Pool Now this map pool is not set in stone, however, I do think the above three maps are interesting enough to utilize, and I imagine there are at least two more. Please test them out. If you don't like them, or they play poorly, we can use other maps.

Registration: I'm going to be accepting registrants for the time being. Please take the following steps:
  1. Join the icon_discord CPMA Discord Server.
  2. Message me ( xero) the following information:
    1. Team Name & Clan Tag
    2. Country/Region of Team
    3. Complete Roster, including Captain & Country of Players
  3. Stay Tuned!

What's Needed?
  1. Admins & Referees
    • xero
    • nekon
    • gaiia
    • Kimi
    • miles
  2. Dedicated Casting for EN & RU.
  3. Community Involvement! We will need about 16 teams to make this possible/worthwhile!

  1. LOLBARN ESPORTS (L-): xero (c), gramz
  2. THEBESTDAMNCLANPERIOD (.) : Kwong-Lo (c), gellehsak, dys
  3. fitemeirl (fmIRL): pan1c (c), Chains, hehateme1
  4. MANGIERIS (M): atp (c), ati, loner
  5. Team Spain (.es): santile (c), memphis
  6. ProMode Admins (PMA): naper (c), myT
  7. Promode.ru (.ru): veliars (c), eThaD, Leshaka
  8. GetServed ([GS]): ArcticRevrus (c), P$$$$$$, Josh Ornelas
  9. 2 Retards (2R): ahxnxa (c), light
  10. Trump Walls (TW): freddiaN (c), kaskade
  11. 2 Genders (FE): Nutter (c), x0f
  12. #okidoki | o_O | Arena (o_O): cxe (c), Smofo
  13. CZSK (.cz/.sk): neverGreen (c), Kimi
  14. Bald and Beautiful (BB): wh1te (c), sinbad
  15. Sandels (s): gaiia (c), chrononaut
  16. teotl (teotl): kumo (c), forest

I think if we do this properly then it can be a shit load of fun, we can have bets, predictions, shit-talking, flame wars, etc. Let me know you thoughts, suggestions, etc... down below!