Hello friend, I had this silly idea a few days ago which you guys might find fun. I would like to setup a single day, triathlon type event where teams participate in three non-traditional disciplines. I'm looking at August 6 or August 12. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment below!

My idea of how it would work would be something like this:

Disciplines: CTFS+, Freeze Tag & Team Duel (Hooney Mode).
Team Size: 1 Veteran, 1 Intermediate, & 1 Beginner
Structure: Round-Robin. Each team plays, every other team on one map, in each of the disciplines.

Proposed Maps:
  • CTFS+: q3wcp23, OJCTF5, ump3ctf4
  • FT: Trespass, q3dm6, ninemil-dm2-b4
  • HM: cpm22, Fjo3tourney6, Quickfire

Note: Not final by any means :)

Requirements: 4-6 teams (12-18 players).

  • Organizing team balance might be difficult e.g. what if only 3 beginners show up? We could look for other ways to balance the teams.
  • There is no effective finals, we could have the top two teams play each other in each disciple in a BO3.
  • Will it take too long?

  1. Benroads
  2. myT

Let me know your thoughts about it! Do you like the idea? Would you play? What about the maps? Any suggestions or concerns? :-)