It's been a long time coming friends, and I'm happy to announce to you The Promode League. This will be a multi-week, multi-stage, 2v2 league, consisting of 16 teams split across two conferences, and four divisions. The tournament will officially start on April 29, 2017, with an anticipated end date of May 28, 2017. We will have an initial prize-pool of 110 CAD, with people open to sending donations.


Our map pool will consist of: Left Behind, Sanctum, The Hot Place. You can download the map pack here.

In an attempt to encourage teams to play their games, even if they are not the strongest or the most experienced, we will employ a unique point system which will award teams points for each map won, and lost. Every map will award the winning team three points, the losing team one point, with forfeits awarding zero points. Teams will play all three maps in the regular season, and we will move to a "best of 3" format for the playoffs. The top two teams of every group will advance to the play offs. Unfortunately this format is not supported by websites such as challonge or Toornament, and as such we will be using PlusForward to track results and standings. You will be able to follow all the details in the tournament hub.

I think we have an experienced team of admins and a solid strategy to be successful. Over the course of the next few weeks you can anticipate on receiving frequent content relating to the tourament. We will do our best to try and stream and cast every possible game.

  • xero
  • nekon
  • gaiia
  • Kimi
  • Magikarp
  • miles

When I initially posted the feeler thread, I did not anticipate on actually receiving 16 entries prior to this announcement. But it happened. All 16 slots have been filled and you find the team list here. We have opened a waiting list for teams who wish to be considered in the event that a registered drops out. If we get enough teams join the waiting list, I would be open to the idea of discussing another group. Final Groups & Schedule will be posted on April 25, 2017.

  1. the messys -- messiah (c), messik, ezormer.
  2. Haxs n' Skillz -- catf00d (c), ILIHIO, mardy
  3. booftroopers -- Scorch (c), chea

We're hoping that this is fun, and successful. We'll need everyone's support, but I think we can do it! #playmorepromode :)

Links: icon_q3a League Website, icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_pluscoin Donate
Streams: icon_twitch TBA