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It is my honor to bring some exciting news to all of you today. The development of CPMA resumed a few months ago and the team is happy to share some of the most thrilling improvements for our users to experience later this year as we roll out the 1.50 update.

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Challenge to Revive CPMA

Apr 1, 2017

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Apr 1, 2017 -- The battle for glory will be reignited later this year as Challenge, Inc. (Nasdaq:CHLG) will release a major update for Challenge ProMode Arena(TM), their seminal arena first person action title. After a six-year hiatus, the team perfected the formula thanks to the work of lead game designer Adam 'ix' Sibson, who expertly identified the game clock going down as the main culprit preventing the cult title from reaching its full potential. "Timing is everything," said Xero 'habibi' Sawyer, expert quad stealer.

In addition to this game-changing improvement, the latest release will see the disappearance of the cg_xerpClients and cg_lagHax console variables and revert back to the original client-side prediction code. "We noticed that no one ever plays against opponents from other continents. If your ping is shit, it's your problem. Life's not fair, why should the game be?" noted Kevin 'arQon' Blenkinsopp, technical advisor.

Furthermore, the new update will try to better cater to some of its existing audience. "We're pleased to be working with such accomplished professional athletes such as Juuso 'gaiia' Mäkelä to make the product as friendly an experience as possible to our inebriated customers," said Gian 'myT' Schellenbaum, CTO, Challenge.

Challenge ProMode Arena 1.50 has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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