It's 2017 and Promode in Oceania is continuing to grow and flourish. The ZTKFPS Oceania Duel Cup II will be the latest and greatest testament to the ability in our region. An Australian / NZ tournament, is scheduled be played at 03:00 UTC, 19 Mar 2017.

This will be a multi-stage event, with all matches in the group stage consisting of a best-of-one (BO1) game. The playoffs, including Grand Final, will be played as a best-of-three (BO3) single elimination bracket. With a 20 player cap, each group will contain a maximum of 10 participants, leading to many games against varied opponents.

The map pool consists of cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24, evolution (Download), Hektik (Download) and eizdm4 (Download).

The tournament will be covered on stream by icon_twitch ZTKFPS.

To play, please register via icon_challonge Challonge and join the icon_discord Oceanic AFPS Discord Server.

Prize Pool Distribution
  1. 50% of donations
  2. 35% of donations
  3. 15% of donations
If you'd like to donate, please use the following PayPal link. A big thank you goes to all financial supporters of ZTKFPS tournaments. To this date, we've given out over $400.00 in prize money to gamers in three games across in two continents.

  • Bobby: 40 AUD
  • ONION: 10 AUD
  • Profanum: 5 AUD
  • xero: 20 AUD
  • ZTK: 50 AUD

Links: icon_challonge Sign Up , icon_q3a, icon_discord OAFPS Discord , icon_discord CPMA Discord