First of all, the prize pool for the Duel tournament was just announced and consists of 500 EUR and 1,250 EUR worth of Hardware (sponsored by HyperX). It will be played from Friday evening (midnight) to Saturday evening. The detailed rules, format, map pool and schedule can be found on the Quakelive 1v1 Compo page.

The second tournament will be TDM 4v4 and all the infos can be found on the TDM Compo page. And there might also be a fun CTF tournament during the course of the event.

Both tournaments will use the Steam/LAN version of Quakelive. Donations are still accepted to increase the prize pool!

Duel: Aerowalk, Battleforged, Bloodrun, Cure, Furious heights, Lost World, Sinister
TDM: Dreadful place, Grim Dungeons, Limbus, Purgatory, Ragnarok

Johan "Greth" Martens, the crazy man behind "Reintroducing Quake to the Wild", is running the Quake compos again and will be streaming Quake during the event! Check his twitter (@grethsc) for the stream detail (FoM LAN). You can also watch the main FoM stream to check on the other Grand Compos (CS:GO, LoL & Hearthstone).

There isn't any famous quaker expected as the 1,000 tickets were quickly sold at the time of the Quake tournaments announcement. So these tournaments will mostly be attended by Belgian and Dutch noobs :) But there will be more room for Quake (or another fast FPS) during the Frag-o-Matic 18 which is expected in February 2016.

Sources: Greth, FPSPulse