The russian youtube channel C-c-combo Breaker! has just released a video about their recent visit to the id offices which gives us a first look at the Duel mode of Quake Champions.

The breakdown on how Duel works:
  • A match (map) is split up into best of three rounds.
  • At the start of the match each player picks three different champions (you can not pick the same champion 3 times but both players can pick the same 3).
  • A round lasts until one player has lost all three of his champion picks or until the timelimit runs out in which case the person with more champions left wins the round. If both players have the same amount of champions left the game goes into Sudden Death Overtime.
  • After you die you can freely pick from your remaining two or one champions and respawn into the ongoing game.
  • After a round ends (one player has lost all three champions) the map / pickups get reset.
  • The winner is the player to first win 2 rounds.

Apparently C-c-combo Breaker! also got to see other unannounced Champions but are not allowed to share them with us until E3. So we can all look forward to new Champions being made public at the Bethesda E3 show. C-c-combo Breaker! also got to test a second game mode though they did not mention what it is called nor do they show it in the video.

A full duel match between SyncError and ZeRo4 can be seen in the video starting at around 6m20s.

youtube preview

Source: icon_youtube C-c-combo Breaker!