After a bit of downtime James "2GD" Harding is back with another episode of the amazing reborn show.

Topics in this episode:
  • New concept art for basic props like teleporters and jumppads which they will start creating models for soon.
  • A concept for armor pickups which look more like shields instead of the usual body armor found in other games since James thinks it wouldn't make much sense for robots to wear traditional body armor.
  • A new super block that allows for easier creation of detailed map structures where each block can have special decorations that automatically fit to the blocks next to them.
  • The lightning gun model has been added to the game.
  • James quickly put together a test hud just to see what it could look like.
  • Some first announcer tests done by icon_twitter Elijah Lucian which can be heard around the 24 minute mark in the VOD.

On top of these James also talked about trying to get the duel mode ready so he can start testing the gameplay with fox and fazz as soon as possible.

The current test version of Diabotical can be downloaded from here: Build 06072015

Links: Episode #12 VOD, Trello, icon_twitter @follow2GD, Official Diabotical Forums