Q: What's that login good for?
A: The steam login tells qlstats your steam-id so that you can set privacy preferences and take actions for that specific steam-id.

Q: Do I have to sign up on qlstats?
A: Yes, if you want to be be able to see your matches.
We need your permission to store personal data, and that includes data about what matches you played in.

Q: What if I don't sign up?
A: By default you will still be tracked, but all we store is a steam-id and the current rating.
Your nickname and steam-id in any new match results will be replaced with "Anonymous Player", so we do not know anything about the matches you played in after the results have been processed.

Q: What if I don't want to be rated?
A: You can log in and delete yourself from qlstats.
We will keep your steam-id and the date of deletion on record to prevent you from signing up again for a period of 2 months. Everything else gets deleted or anonymized.
If you deny qlstats from rating you, we can't rate any matches you play in, which affects all other players. Therefore server owners may block you from their servers, so that you don't block the rating for other players.

Q: What's "untracked" vs "anonymous"?
A: If you don't give qlstats permission to store your match data, you will be anonymous, but we still have your steam-id + rating.
If you delete yourself from qlstats, you are "untracked".

Q: What about already existing data?
A: We will keep the existing data as-is for about a month so that you have some time to decide about your privacy preferences.
The data will not be visible through the web site though until you chose a privacy mode. You can use the "Anonymize" function after the login to clear your match history and aliases in the already saved matches immediately. If you haven't set a privacy mode by the end of June, your match history will be anonymized automatically, causing you to lose your history.