Tim Willits and SyncError hosted a community streaming, advising the community of what they can expect in the December patch, what players can anticipate in the future, and answered a couple of community questions.

December Patch

With the December update, the team emphasized their focus on improving the player experience by introducing quality-of-life features, reintroducing the significance of item control, and lowering the barrier to entry.

New Additions
  • Duel Ranked Play to be introduced. Other game modes to be introduced at a later date.
  • 40 different crosshairs to choose from.
  • Max FPS setting to be introduced.
  • Team outlines visible through walls. Can be toggled on/off.
  • One new Champion to be introduced. No details provided.
  • One new duel map to be included. Described as vertical. Also available for FFA, Duel, and TDM in custom game.
  • Third person preview animation while loading into map with new champion for the first time. Only happens once per champion selection during the match. During this time player will be invisible & invulnerable. (Preview by CAREEM)
  • You cannot disable third person spawn effect.
  • Winter themed stuff coming, including snow and Christmas lights on maps. First step into season events.

Champion Changes
  • All Champions will have increased maximum health and armor.
  • Clutch, Galena, and Scale will be easier to move with. Clutch's acceleration passive value is increased. Galena and Scalebearer will receive changes to their movement mechanics, allowing players to move faster without having to strafejump.
  • Anarki top speed nerfed. Injection speed boost duration increased to 10 seconds.
  • Slash: Top speed nerfed.
  • Doom: Reduced range of Berserk punch/leap.
  • BJ: ROF increased during ultimate.

Weapon Changes
  • Gauntlet: Reduced range by 25%. Lowered ROF.
  • LG: Right now: ineffective. Dec. update: highly effective, more consistent hits, close to what it was before (minus "shaking" exploit).

Other Changes
  • Hitboxes change will not be in December update.
  • FPS dependent ROF bug fixed.
  • Selected starting weapons get saved.
  • Selected Data centers saved.


Looking beyond the December patch, the pair also provided some commentary for what players can expect in 2018.
  • Hitboxes size will be increased in January.
  • 2v2 TDM Ranked Play to be introduced in January.
  • New game mode : Instagib coming.
  • New maps for CTF game mode confirmed.
  • Duel: Experimenting with new ways of duel mode. No rounds. Continuous play. Lots of variations of rules.
  • Loot box: Decreasing rarity rate. Improving drop rewards.
  • Lore system: Experimenting with new ways for obtaining it. Potential move to an in-match reward system. Potentially include an end of match mini-game mechanic (e.g. dice roll) to determine the winner. Pots will remain useful though. Recognizing that lore is important to people, and it can be frustrating to trying to collect them all.
  • Rune System : "We know it's hard to get a lot runes." Challenges will get revamped, better rewards, going through ideas.
  • Technology: Hitboxes update. Found a better method of doing it than previously discussed, easily scalable. No longer doing blanket style mesh (static meshes). Providing more padding around models. Building prototypes. Expect to test in the Jan-Feb., 2018 update.
  • Game Balance: Testing change of respawn time for minor items to 30 seconds.
  • Tribolt: Bolts will remain on the ground for a longer period of time, and can be triggered by players walking over it. Expected beginning of 2018.
  • Stack caps will remain at +50 max overstack.
  • CTF & CA: On a long term road map. Uncertain of when. Been prototyping the mode and building maps. Important for 2018.