Last Sunday was the first official tournament in the history of Quake Champions. The event had a total of 98 participants register including notable names such as: cypher, evil, agent, fazz, sl1p, and others. After lots of tense battles, Cypher managed to score a victory in the tournament without dropping a single map. He beat fazz in the finals, who been dropped to the lower bracket by ins, but managed to make a run all the way to the grand final.

Plus Forward covered this tournament, about 200 matches were added, on the basis of which we are happy to show you the first rankings of players in the Quake Champions. The rankings will be revised every-time a new event concludes. We'd like draw your attention to the fact that you need to play at least five (5) matches to get on the list.

The administration of 125 FPS also reported that the next Sunday Cup will begin a few hours earlier than usual. Stay tuned for more news!

If you missed the action yesterday, check out some VODs!