It was just a mining automaton with limited AI and a force-shield to protect organics and drills. But it was the first to return from the cavern filled with floating ruins and strange markings. Its custodians transferred the data it had gathered to their master neural network. But, after analysis, the network… malfunctioned? Suddenly, Clutch was returning to the cavern as automata began killing organics. Clutch killed them, too, if they were in its path. Once at the cavern, Clutch followed the network’s instructions. A dark mass of writhing tendrils materialized. Clutch stepped into it.

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Clutch Official Trailer

Active Ability – Barrier

Clutch can block incoming attacks with its Barrier active ability. Its large force-shield once was used to protect itself from organics and drills when mining, but in the Arena, it works as a solid defense against enemy Champions.

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Barrier Showcase

Passive Ability – Still Defense

Don’t be too hasty when trying to attack Clutch head on. Built to withstand the toughest of mining conditions, Clutch will stand strong using its Still Defense passive ability to deflect attacks like a boulder.

[gfycat=HealthyFreeAcaciarat]Still Defense Showcase

Source: Quake Champions