Over the last three days everyone has had a chance to take a glimpse at the upcoming Quake title and some have even been lucky enough try it. While most of the game is a mystery, a lot of new information has become publicly available. One such piece of information that has been disclosed by Tim Willits, of id Software, is sure to cheer up a lot of people. Duel in Quake Champions is happening and it will be built with e-sports in mind. The champion abilities will stay in duel as it is now a part of the core game.

“There is a hole with one-versus-one, it's missing from first-person eSports,” says Willits at PAX East, where the game is being demoed publically for the first time. “The title fights are great for Quake so our Duel mode is going to be uniquely Quake, but will still incorporate the champions.”

To show that they are serious about duel, id Software have already lined up a number of professional players to play-test the mode in order to collect quality feedback.

“We have Duels [working in-game] but we need to get more pro players to play it, just to make sure they like it. We have some coming up to id next week,” explains Willits.

Source: PCGamesN