A few days after the end of the four Contenders Season Zero qualifiers, with over 1,000 teams attending, the groups for both regions (Europe and North America) have been announced.



The matches will now begin on Saturday, June 17th, with the European Group Stage at 17:00 UTC. North America will follow up with its group stage on Sunday, June 18th, at 23:00 UTC. All games will be added as soon as the exact schedule is known.


Group A
1. eUnited
2. Bazooka Puppiez
3. Team expert
Group B
1. Misfits
2. Laser Kittenz
3. Ninjas With Attitude
4. eSporters Cyberathletes
Group C
1. Singularity Ninjas
2. Vivi's Adventure
3. GamersOrigin
4. Ninjas in Pyjamas
Group D
1. Movistar Riders
2. 123
3. Cyclowns
4. Alfa Squad

North America

Group A
1. FaZe Clan
2. Selfless
3. Counter Logic Gaming
4. Team Liquid
Group B
1. LG Evil
2. You Guys Get Paid?
3. Toronto Esports
4. EnVision eSports
Group C
3. Immortals
4. Tempo Storm
Group D
1. Kungarna
2. Renegades
3. Cloud9
4. Hollywood Hammers