The players from Movistar Riders just finished their LB Round 9 match. I caught CWoosh for a quick interview.

Please introduce yoursef and give us a few information about you and your mates, like your previous game and when you started to play Overwatch.
neptuno (24): LoL and CS:GO.
Dante (24): Not sure
CWoosH (23): CS:GO, Came in early closed beta.
Logix (19): LoL.
Finnsi (18): CS:GO.
Kolsti (22): LoL.

Three of your players were playing in mousesports with a little experience from DreamHack Winter 2016. And the current Movistar Riders roster was just announced at the beginning of the month. How do feel about the team so far? Is it the first time you all meet in real life?
This is the first time we meet in real life. About today, I think we can play a lot better than this. We have a lot of talents in the team, especially our flex players. We need to work on our team work, we have a lot of potential. We lost today, but it was a close match and we could go really far in the future.

What about Kolsti? He just joined the team.
We tried Winghaven but decided to go with Kolsti. He is a very good reinhardt, he's adapting well to the team and his communication is really good. We didn't pick Winghaven because he didn't fit our play style as much. We scrimmed with him a few times, and also with Kolsti at the same time. Winghaven is a good player but Kolsti just felt better for us.

The last patch was just released Tuesday, and is supposedly putting an end to the infamous Tank meta. Do you feel you had enough time to adapt to the new game-play? Does it feel any different?
Yes it feels different. We scrimmed on the PTR as soon as possible and it feels good with the new meta. Triple tanks remains strong, you can still make it work, being effective. Specialized teams with tanks like NiP still play it to great effect. But dive is more viable than before now. I didn't enjoy playing Roadhog, I preferred to be on Genji and Pharah. We had scrims with dive teams to prepare since the new patch was released. Anyway teams now have more choices, they can play dive or tanks. The patch still is very fresh, we will see.

You guys came to Paris to face Team Dignitas in the Loser Brackets with the risk of getting taken out of the competition with a single loss. How did you consider your chances and did that put more pressure on you?
We had no pressure, this is our first LAN and we were excited. We came because we wanted to see how we perform. The match was really closed and we saw we have a lot to improve. Anyway we had to go and try it. This event is a small LAN, very personal. It feels good. We didn't get to win but that's life, shit happens.

Any shoutouts?
Thanks to our team for sending us in. We have lot of exciting things and announcements in the future about our team. The next few months will be interesting, so keep an eye on us.