The players Grand Danois just played the Winner Brackets Final of the XtraCup and I took a moment to ask Lind a few questions.

Welcome to Paris guys! Please introduce yourselves and give us a few information like your previous game and when you started to play Overwatch.
Danii (15): LoL and CS:GO - Started to play on release day.
Hunni (17): CS:GO Danish scene - Started to play on release day.
Kellex (17): LoL Danish scene - Started to play on release day.
Lind (21): LoL - 2 days on closed beta.
Nerfdd (17): CS:GO and LoL - Started to play on release day.
MandeTrodser (18): CS:GO - Started to play on release day.

Just a week ago, you used to be with Fragster, a structure that refused to help you get in Paris and preferred to focus on Danish CS:GO events. No hard feelings? Are you already in touch with a new structure?
The trip was own founded, our parents helped. There was no sponsor involved. One week wasn't enough to find a sponsor. There was a proposition for 3 or 6 months, but that didn't fit. We are actively looking for a new structure.

MandeTrodser, who was picked to replace Lelouch, is the latest addition to your roster.
He's fitting really great, boosting the moral and joking around after games. We started really know him after the try-outs from the Danish ow community and. We tried a lot of players before picking him a couple months.

You are now in Paris for the final matches of the XtraCup. Is this your first live/LAN event on Overwatch? How do feel about it so far?
This is the very first event, we got to meet each others in real life only yesterday even though we played for 5months together. We wanted to attend DHW17 but Fragster didn't want to pay for it. Seeing each others was the most exciting thing, it will probably improve our communication. We only get pressure from the cameras, we already played on stream before. The nerves come from the conditions here at the event, it's not as comfortable as home.

The last patch was just released Tuesday, and is supposedly helping to put an end to the infamous Tank meta. Do you feel you had enough time to adapt to the new gameplay? Does it feel any different?
We had a lot of talk about the new patch, it might change the meta. We played the PTR. You can still play 4 tanks if it's needed, and adapt to the opponent's composition. 3 tanks and 1 DPS feels the best, and 2 DPS with really good DPS. DVa nerf was really needed, she's in good place now. The changes to the hog made him stronger, he's a big pick now. There is no reliable counter to him now. That's kind of unfair.

Your team wasn't the favorite for the Winner Brackets Final against The Chavs.
We managed to win against this roster 3 months ago. But now I can't really pinpoint why they win every time and we haven't played them a lot. They just seem to do everything a bit better than us. That's frustrating.

There were very few live events for Overwatch in the past months in Europe. Do you expect any change in the near future? Have you made any plan for a coming LAN event?
We really want and hope leagues will come to Europe. We would really like a bigger pool of tournaments and events. We have no plan for the near future and we just enter any tournament we can. We would certainly attend another LAN event, but there aren't many so far. We expect overwatch to take off soon.

Thanks! Any shoutouts?
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