TimCon Royale is an invite-only Diabotical Duel cup. Eight players face off in a Round Robin bracket, the two players who rise above the rest will then go head-to-head in a grand final. The event is sponsored by Juked.gg and will be presented and casted by the lovable Zaccubus & the infamous GMT. Russian and Italian language streams will also be available, linked below.

The event will take place on Sunday 22nd March at 13:00 UTC

2. Phaze
4. Bukster
5. fire_bot
6. Baksteen
7. luke_ie
8. gaiia
icon_cup_gold $125
icon_cup_silver $60
icon_cup_bronze $40
4th $25

Streams: All streams can be found on Juked.gg
Links: Bracket, Stream Schedule, TimCon Discord