3 Clanwars were played on sunday in the Unreal Pro League Qualifier Round:
Limeted Editon [L3] vs. E.P.R.
Druckwelle vs. Bredäng
Half-Abs vs. Euphoria

Let's take a deeper look into the single matches from yesterday.

Match: Limited Editon [L3] vs. E.P.R.

L3 Lineup: qw4rk & flow vs.
E.P.R. Lineup: oveR & eprY
25:36 on DM-Chill-Shell
26:32 on DM-DeckTest

1v1 - prsm vs. eprY
5:13 on DM-ASDF
9:8 on DM-Erase
2:3 on DM-Coma

1v1 - dion vs. fakk2
9:4 on DM-Erase
10:8 on DM-Coma

TDM 4vs4
L3 Lineup: qw4rk, flow, dion, prsm
E.P.R. Lineup: oveR, fakk2, sply, striker
92:81 DM-Deck
110:72 DM-Rankin

Limited Edition [3:2] E.P.R.


Match: Druckwelle vs. Bredäng

1v1 - TamerLane vs. z1on
15:3 on DM-ASDF
9:4 on DM-Coma

1v1 - oakz vs Flikswitch
-1:4 DM-Lea

2on2 - oakz & Tamerlane vs. z1on & Spixy
30:56 DM-Rankin
37:41 DM-Chill-Shell

dw Lineup: raynn, skandalouz, mighty, valot
BrD Lineup: Spixy, Dad_Vitas, Flikswitch, Kruell
66:97 on DM-Spacer
91:128 on DM-Rankin

DRUCKWELLE [1:4] Bredäng


Match: Half-Abs vs. Euphoria

1v1 - s1r vs. MastahBates
12:3 on DM-Coma
7:5 on DM-DeckTest

1v1 - Tierce vs. PlaYFul
6:1 on DM-Lea
7:10 on DM-DeckTest
12:3 DM-Erase

2v2 - Matt & ExitNextRight vs. uZi & Dewsick
28:53 on DM-Codex
60:25 on DM-Chill-Shell
34:32 on DM-Focus

TDMs weren't played anymore...

Half-Abs [3:0] Euphoria


Live-Streams were provided by Raise Your Edge Gaming.
frag^m thankfully uploaded the whole footage here

See you on wednesday for the next qualifier Match!