The rise in the numbers of Quick Play (QP), HUB and PUG Blitz* matches triggered a Reddit post which followed founding of icon_ut Unreal Tournament Blitz Community Discord server, where in turn, a Blitz fun tournament was planned:
In the near future, we plan on hosting our first Blitz tournament. If you have a team interested in participating you can sign up. We will allow players without a team to sign up as solo players. Solo players will later be matched with other players to create a new team or placed in teams that are missing players. All skill levels are welcome!

Join icon_discordUT Blitz Discord and let's play some fun Blitz games! The server consists of mostly European players.

* Blitz, formerly known as Flag Run. Is the new Unreal Tournament game mode, by default played 5 versus 5 on new, game mode specific maps. A Blitz match consists of up to 6 rounds where two teams take turns to attack and defend.

Attackers main objective is to deliver their flag to the defenders' capture point within the time limit and as fast as they can. Or annihilate the defending team (defenders have only 5 lives while attackers have unlimited lives). In order to attack efficiently, flag carrier uses Rally on marked spots to give teammates ability to teleport to that location.

Defenders objective is to prevent the enemy from delivering their flag to the defenders base within the time limit. The trick is the defenders can't be as aggressive as the attackers because of their limited lives.
Make sure to keep track of the flag carrier at all times to prevent embarrassing defeats.
Fastest total capture time wins!

If you want to jump in to match of Blitz, enter the game and just click Quick Play Blitz.