Comrade Link decided to run a 4on4 Quakeworld tournament with 3 Divisions and even more maps! 63 signups (86 now) in the first 2 days yell that this can't be wrong.

Team drawing happens today 21:00 CEST and will be streamed by the very Jehar himself so get ready and fasten seatbelts (don't forget to put on helmet!).

Wtf schedule? This is QW!
BlooD_DoG's Boners
bps's basilisks
Creature's Crazies
dev's devastators
Milton's Mutants
zero's heroes

flintheart's fireblasters
forza baresi!
igggy's infidels
inf's inferno
lordlame's legends
Nidweyr's Neds

bgnr's brotherhood
ocoini's occults
viag's violators
Zalon's Zombies
zigg1zagg1's zeniths
Division 1
Maps: dm2, dm3, e1m2.

Division 2
Maps: cmt2, cmt3, cmt4, dm2, dm3, e1m2, e3m3tdm, schloss.

Division 3
Maps: cmt2, cmt3, cmt4, dm2, dm3, e1m2, e3m3tdm, schloss

"Quake isn't dead, it just smells funny" (c) Frank Kappa

Links: Get QW, Community, Watch it