DreamHack Tours has released groups and information about their Quake Champions 2v2 tournament.

The 2v2 Tournament will feature 22 teams. Teams will be split into six GSL(?) groups of three and four, with the top two of each group advancing into GSL Group Stage #2. Top two from each group qualify to the playoffs, while two best placing teams will be directly seeded into the Semi Final, and the other four teams are seeded into the Quarter Final. Six teams Single Elimination Bracket will conclude the tournament, total prize pool for the Tournament is 50,000 USD.

All group matches are best of three, playoff matches are best of five.

Group A
08:00 UTC, 19 May 2018
1. Liquid #1 (rapha, DaHanG)
2. Cyberfight (Agent, baSe)
3. Thunder Auk (strenx, serious)
Group B
08:00 UTC, 19 May 2018
1. Sleep to Awake (clawz, Silencep)
2. Myztro USA (dooi, br1ck)
3. Pompa Team (phaze, Pikawa)
Group C
11:00 UTC, 19 May 2018
1. Liquid #2 (whaz, winz)
2. Corvidae (Steej, Dandaking)
3. D+M Blue (DERiSEN, na1x)
4. SeekMate2v2 (Nykho, sokaaRz)
Group D
13:00 UTC, 19 May 2018
1. iCE cLIMBERS (Xron, toxjq)
2. Comrade Gaming (vengeurR, ins)
3. Turtle Recall (psygib, festiveturtle)
4. The Popes of Dope (XdRiL, Ob5y)
Group E
14:00 UTC, 19 May 2018
1. Myztro EU (RAISY, Spart1e)
2. Virtus pro (cYpheR, Av3k)
3. Cookies and Cream (phaZon, d3th)
Group F
16:00 UTC, 19 May 2018
1. AMD (Cooller, Latrommi)
2. Quaker Orbs (Effortless, yenOm)
3. Myztro UK (GaRpY, HELL)
4. Chill Crew (Xhep, TomParky)

Source: DreamHack Tours