Today, the HoQ TDM 2v2 Winter 2018 league saw its last matches played. The time has now come to release the rankings for the three divisions.

First, if you missed some games, most of the VODs are available on Plus Forward. We also hope some players will come forward and upload some demos.

Final Rankings

icon_cup_gold Rekt
icon_cup_silver Deliberate Murder
icon_cup_bronze KOMANDA BRO
4th KogdaKvad
5th Team Tungaste
6th PP
7th Oldschool
icon_cup_gold Zombie#1
icon_cup_silver Team #263
icon_cup_bronze pillZ
4th Platige Team
5th Cyberfight
6th Zombie#2
7th Pandæmonium
8th lemmings
icon_cup_gold 2Catz
icon_cup_silver cccp-gaming
icon_cup_bronze Multum Damnum
4th yhy
5th Virtual Owners
6th Minus
7th The Shadow Killers

Thank you all for playing, watching and streaming.

Links: Results, icon_irc #HoQLeagues, icon_discord HoQ Discord